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My computer system is not working correctly.

If your laptop has a hardware issue (broken keyboard, broken screen, not booting, etc.) or software issue (running slow, pop-ups, etc.), please contact the QDA Technology Department as soon as possible. We will repair the computer system or replace it within a timely manner. Please note, if the computer system was physically damaged through misuse, you may be billed the cost of the replacement part.

Please note: Only the QDA Technology Department is permitted to repair a broken computer system. Do not take your computer system to a computer repair shop or try and return the computer to the original manufacturer. QDA WILL NOT NOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR THE COST OF THE REPAIR.

My computer system was lost or stolen.

Please contact the QDA office as soon as possible. If the computer system was stolen, please file a police report reporting the theft. Please fax a copy of the police report to 330-364-0680.

Can I take my computer system out of the country?

Please contact the QDA office before you leave. Security policies are in place that may prevent you from using your QDA laptop, and/or accessing the QDA website.

My laptop is old. Can I get a new one?

If you have had the same laptop for three years or more, QDA will provide you with a newer laptop if our inventory levels permit it.

I don't want a web filter on my computer system.

QDA is required by state and federal law to have a web filter installed on our school issued computer systems. Bypassing, or attempting to bypass the web filter is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and QDA will take disciplinary action against students who violate our Acceptable Use Policy.


Staff Login

This site is restricted to QDA Staff Members only. Students no longer use this site to access coursework.

QDA Learning Management System

Student access to this site is being disabled due to a transition to a new student information system. Students can login by going to: qda.maestrosis.com

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