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Step 1

Please plug your headset into the laptop and set it as the default device (see video below). The icon on the headset plug must match the icon on the computer for the mic to function correctly. 

Step 2

Open Google Chrome and go to qda.amvonet.com. Enter your username and password or select "Login as a guest" (most will login as a guest).

Amvonet Step 2

Step 3

Click on your tutor's room.

Amvonet Step 3

Step 4

Select the Amvonet room that your tutor tells you to select.

Amvonet Step 4

Step 5

Enter the Amvonet room.

Amvonet Step 5

Step 6

Start the configuration guide. Ensure the checkbox for "show this wizard" is checked and then select start.

Amvonet Step 6

Step 7

The configuration checklist should check the first two items (Flash & Connection) and stop on Bandwidth (Please contact the QDA Technology Department if the check stops on Flash or Connection).

Select the Autodetech Bandwidth button when prompted.

Amvonet Step 7

Step 8

The checklist will then stop on the Pop-up section after it detects the bandwidth speed. While pop-ups are typically not needed for Amvonet, you may allow them by clicking on the icon with the X and selecting "Always allow pop-ups form qda.amvonet.com" so this message doesn't appear again.

Amvonet Step 8

Step 9

Next, select the "Test Sound" button.

Amvonet Step 9

You should hear sound through your headset. If so, please select Yes and go to the next step. If you do not hear sound, please ensure:

  • That the volume on the computer system is turned up (click on the speaker icon on the bottom right).
  • Ensure the volume toggle is turned up on the headset (the volume controller is located halfway down the headset cord).
  • Please unplug and plug the headset back in ensuring that he headset is plugged into the correct port.

Amvonet Step 9-2

If none of the above options work, please restart your computer and try again. If you still do not hear sound, please contact the QDA Technology Department.

Step 10

To use the microphone you must allow Adobe Flash access by selecting "Allow" on the setting box as pictured below. Please also check the box for remember.

Amvonet Step 10

Step 11

You will also need to allow access for Google Chrome. A grey box will appear on the top. Select allow.

Amvonet Step 11

Step 12

Speak into the microphone to ensure the mic is working properly. The green bar should go up as you speak into the mic. If it does not, select a different microphone from the drop down menu and try again. If the microphone still doesn't work, please unplug it and plug it back in and try again.

Amvonet Step 12

Step 13

You can skip or allow access to the Camera. You should now be able to use your headset and mic in the Amvonet room (Please note, your tutor has to grant you permission).

Amvonet Step 13


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This site is restricted to QDA Staff Members only. Students no longer use this site to access coursework.

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