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Article Overview: This article has directions on accessing your account, frequently asked questions and acceptable use.

Accessing the QDA Email System

Please note, all emails are scanned by our content compliance system. Your emails will be blocked and reviewed if they contain inappropriate material. 

Go to mail.go2qda.org or click any of the "Email" links on the QDA webpage and learning management system.

You will be taken to the page pictured below:

Enter your email address:

Your email address is your first name + last name + @go2qda.org (Example: John Smith's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Enter your password:

Your password is your first name (with a capital letter) and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (Example: John1234).

You will now be signed into your account. If you would like to switch to a different Google service, click the icon pictured below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I email?

Other @go2qda.org email addresses and your teachers.

What happens if I try to email someone with an @gmail.com, @yahoo.com or any other email provider or they try to email me?

The email will be blocked and not delivered. If the email also contains inappropriate material it will be flagged for review. You will not be notified if the email is blocked.

I sent an email to another @go2qda.org or an approved sender, but they haven't received it.

The email may have been flagged by the content filtering system. Your email will be unblocked and delivered once it's reviewed.

Can I access my QDA email from my smartphone?

Yes. Configure your mail client as if it was a regular Gmail account. You may also go directly to http://mail.go2qda.org from your mobile web browser.

I have a personal account, but I still want to receive my QDA Email.

Log into your QDA Email account and setup an auto-forwarder to your personal email account. Click here for additional information.

Can I change my password?

Yes. You may change your password to anything you would like. Directions can be found here.

Acceptable Use

The QDA email system is to be used for educational purposes. However, personal communications are acceptable as long as they do not contain inappropriate material.

QDA will notify law enforcement if we discover illegal activity on our email system (threatening remarks, sexting, etc.). 


Staff Login

This site is restricted to QDA Staff Members only. Students no longer use this site to access coursework.

QDA Learning Management System

Student access to this site is being disabled due to a transition to a new student information system. Students can login by going to: qda.maestrosis.com

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