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The Ohio Department of Education is now requiring QDA (and all eSchools) to calculate attendance based on hours instead of days. QDA has created the following extended offline learning opportunities form that students can complete if they are working offline for an extended period of time.


Examples of Extended Offline Learning Opportunities:

  • Library Research
  • Homework (Example: math practice problems, spelling flashcards, etc.)
  • Reading a textbook or other course related document
  • Science Project
  • Etc.
Again, these are just a few examples of extended offline learning opportunities. Please contact your Instructional Supervisor if you are unsure if the activity qualifies.
QDA would like to remind students that they are required to work 5.5 hours per day for 5 days per week (students need to have 920 hours by the 180th school day). The QDA Learning Management System is capturing your total online time when you login. Please remember to keep the QDA LMS page open while you are working on online educational activities and to logout when you have completed your educational activities (this will capture your "online" time).

How to access the Extended Offline Learning Form

There is a link in the attendance notice once you login.


Staff Login

This site is restricted to QDA Staff Members only. Students no longer use this site to access coursework.

QDA Learning Management System

Student access to this site is being disabled due to a transition to a new student information system. Students can login by going to: qda.maestrosis.com

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