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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbulling is the practice of bullying another student (or person) electronically. Cyberbullying is now being used via computers, cell phones, email application and social networking sites instead of, or in addition to, physical bullying.

Cyberbullying can range from rumors to threats, harassment, or stalking. Cyberbullying can affect any age group; however, teenagers and young adults are common victims.

Why is cyberbullying a growing problem?

As mainstream technology continues to reach the majority of our population, more methods and instances of cyberbullying are occuring. Additionally, not being informed on how to handle cyberbullying can escalate the situation; which, in turn makes cyberbullying more appealing to bullies.

How do I prevent cyberbullying?

The following practices can likely reduce or stop cyberbullying:

  • Limit personal identifiable information available to the general public. Limit your contact information that you post on the web, especially social networking sites. Forms of personal identifiable information available on the web that you should limit can include: your address, phone numbers, email accounts or "tagged" pictures of yourself.
  • Depending on the severity of the cyberbullying, simply ignoring it can stop further instances since bullies normally thrive on your reactions.
  • Avoid escalating the situation, do not respond to a threat with another threat. Consider changing your email account or privacy settings to prevent the bully from contacting you.
  • Document every instance of cyber bullying in case you decide to file criminal charges.

Report cyberbullying to QDA or local authorities.

Additional Resources

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United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Report Cyberbullying

Report cyberbullying to QDA or local authorities.

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